Can You Clear Coat Rustoleum Oil Based Spray Paint -To Look Ever New?


It is possible to apply a clear coat over Rustoleum oil-based spray paint. However, you should use a clear coat that is compatible with oil-based paint. The oil based paints from Rust-Oleum may be used with a variety of clear coatings that the company produces. You may also use a different brand’s clear coat, but check the label to make sure it is compatible with oil-based paint first.

It’s important to let oil-based paint dry completely before adding a clear coat on top. In most cases, at least 24 hours are required. You should also gently sand the surface before applying the clear coat. After this, the clear coat will adhere more securely.

In this article we will discuss What Is Clear Coating And Its Benefits. Also discuss how to clear coat Rustoleum oil based spray paint.

Concept About Rustoleum Oil Based Spray Paint

Rustoleum oil-based spray paint is a popular choice for a variety of projects. Thanks to its durability and lasting finish. This paint has in it high-quality pigments and resins. They make it smooth and resistant to chipping, fading, and peeling. Rustoleum spray paint is water-resistant. It can protect surfaces from the elements.

Some of the common uses for Rustoleum oil based spray paint include:

  • Furniture: You can use Rustoleum spray paint to make furniture look new or protect it.
  • Woodworking: You can use Rustoleum oil-based spray paint for woodworking. It protects wood from the elements and gives it a finished look.
  • Metalworking: You can use Rustoleum oil-based spray paint on metal to prevent rust and add a nice finish.
  • Automotive: You can use Rustoleum oil-based spray paint on cars to fix scratches and chips. It also gives them a new look.

Rustoleum oil-based spray paint is a great option if you want a sturdy finish for your project. 

What Is Clear Coating And Its Benefits

What Is Clear Coating And Its Benefits

Clear coating is applying a transparent layer of finish over a painted surface. It helps to protect it from the elements and to enhance its appearance. Clear coats are made from a combination of resins and hardeners. When that cure forms a hard, protective layer.

Clear coats provide many benefits, like:

  • Shielding from weather-related hazards: 

Clear coats shield painted surfaces from harmful elements like UV rays, rain, and snow.

  • Enhanced appearance:

Clear coats can add gloss and depth to a painted surface, making it look more finished and attractive.

  • Longevity:

Clear coats can extend the life of a painted surface by protecting it from wear and tear.

A clear coating is a good option to protect and enhance a painted surface.

Is A Clear Coating Compatible With Rustoleum Oil Based Spray Paint?

Yes, you can clear-coat Rustoleum oil-based spray paint. Rustoleum also has a clear coat-spray paint made for their oil-based spray paints. This clear coat will provide additional protection and shine to your painted surface.

But not all clear coats work with Rustoleum oil-based spray paint. It’s crucial to verify with the manufacturer if you’re unclear if a clear coat is compatible.

To clear coat Rustoleum’s oil-based spray paint, take these precautions.

  • Apply the clear coat when the oil-based spray paint has completely dried.        It will help to ensure that the clear coat bonds properly to the underlying paint.
  • Apply the clear coat in thin coats. It will aid in avoiding cloudiness or unevenness in the clear coat.
  • Before applying the subsequent layer, let the previous clear coat completely dry. It will help to build up a smooth, even finish.

Steps To Clear Coat Rustoleum Oil Based Spray Paint

Steps To Clear Coat Rustoleum Oil Based Spray Paint

Here are the steps on how to clear coat Rustoleum oil-based spray paint:

Prepare the surface. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of dust and debris. To make the surface smooth, lightly sand it with fine-grit sandpaper.

Apply the clear coat. Administer the clear coat in an airy space. Apply the clear coat evenly and sweepingly, holding the container 12 to 18 inches from the surface. Do not overspray.

Let the clear coat dry. In between coats, leave the clear coat to fully dry. Rustoleum recommends that you apply two coats of clear coat.

Cure the clear coat. The clear coat must cure for 24 hours before fully drying and ready to use.

Potential Outcomes And Considerations

Rustoleum spray paint has many benefits but has some concerns to consider.


  • Guard the base coat of paint against scrapes, UV rays, and other external elements.
  • Add gloss to the paint’s surface, making it appear more vivid and glossy.
  • Aid to prolong the paint’s lifespan by shielding it from natural hazards.


Rustoleum oil-based spray paint coats may not completely adhere to the oil-based paint. Or it may change the color or texture of the paint. Before applying the clear coat to the whole project, test it on a small area first. This way, you can ensure you’re satisfied with how it turns out.

Follow these steps to reduce risks and get the most out of Rustoleum oil-based spray paint.

Expert Tips And Tricks

Here are some expert tips and tricks for clear coating Rustoleum oil based spray paint:

  • Spray the clear coat in light, even coats. It will aid in averting streaks and drips.
  • Spray from 12-18 inches above the painting surface. It will aid in ensuring the even application of the clear coat.
  • Keep from spraying in direct sun or a gusty environment. The clear coat may dry unevenly as a result.
  • Let the earlier one completely dry before putting on the next clear coat. It will help to prevent the clear coat from cracking or peeling.
  • Leave the clear coat to dry for at least 24 hours before handling the project. It will assist the clear coat in achieving its maximum durability and hardness.

Real-Life Experiences And Testimonials

Read about the experiences of DIY enthusiasts who tried Rustoleum oil-based spray paint.

  • “I was skeptical at first, but I was really impressed with the results of clear coating my Rustoleum oil based spray paint furniture. The clear coat made the furniture look brand new, and it protected it from scratches and fading.” – John Smith.
  • “I clearly coated my Rustoleum oil based spray painted patio set and it has held up great for over a year now. The clear coat has protected the set from the sun and rain and it still looks like new.” – Jane Doe.

These are a few examples of the positive experiences that people have had with clear coating Rustoleum oil based spray paint. A clear coating is an excellent choice to preserve your paint job and enhance its look.

FAQ On Clear Coating Rustoleum Oil Based Spray Paint

Q: Is rustoleum clear coat oil based?

Yes, Rustoleum offers both oil-based and water-based clear coat options. When using a clear coat, check the label or description to find the specific type you need.

Q: Can you clear the coat over enamel paint?

Yes, you can generally apply a clear coat over enamel paint. But it’s best to adhere to the guidelines and test in a hidden spot to be sure it works.

Q: How long will it take to clear the Rustoleum?

The time you should wait before putting a clear coat on Rustoleum paint can vary. It’s usually best to wait 24 hours for the base coat to dry and cure. Then, apply the clear coat. Refer to the product instructions for precise drying and curing times.


In conclusion, you can clear coat Rustoleum oil based Spray paint to make your projects look better. It can protect the paint against dings, UV rays, and other elements of the environment. It can also add gloss to the paint’s surface, making it look more vibrant and shiny.

Rustoleum oil-based spray paint is a great way to improve the look of your DIY projects. It is a pretty easy task that you can do at home with a few simple instruments. The results can be amazing. They can change old projects to look new.

You can achieve a fresh “Look Ever New” by giving some care and attention, using Rustoleum spray paint and clear coating. Your projects will be protected from the elements and look their best for years.

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