Who Makes Rust-oleum Paint- Ownership And History


Rust-Oleum is a manufacturer of protective paints. It was founded in 1921 by Robert Fergusson, a sea captain. Rust-Oleum is a famous paint brand known for preventing rust and making surfaces look great. They’ve been around for a long time and sell a wide range of paints and finishes. Whether you’re painting a car or sprucing up your furniture, Rust-Oleum has you covered. They’re all about making painting easy and getting great results, so you can trust their products.

Have you ever thought about where Rust-Oleum paint comes from and who makes it? In this article, we’ll delve into the ownership and rich history of Rust-Oleum. Also, we will discuss some critical information for rust-oleum spray paints.

So let us first know about the Ownership And History of Rust – Oleum Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Ownership And History- The Answer May Surprise You!

Rust Oleum Ownership And History

History On highlighted Points

  • In 1921, Robert Fergusson noticed that fish oil prevented rust from forming on his ship’s metal deck.
  • He worked with a scientist to make one of the first paints that stopped rust. This was the start of Rust-Oleum.
  • The company started out with only 24 paint colours, but it quickly became a big player in the paint business.
  • RPM International Inc., a diversified chemicals and specialty products company, acquired 1994 Rust-Oleum.
  • Under RPM’s ownership, Rust-Oleum has kept growing and adding more products to its line.

Ownership of Rust-oleum paint- [ Basic Things]

  • Rust-Oleum is owned by RPM International Inc.This publicly traded company is headquartered in Medina, Ohio.
  • RPM International is a company that makes a wide range of chemicals and other goods. It has over 15,000 workers and does business in more than 20 countries.
  • Other brands owned by RPM International include Tremco, CaulkTek, and DAP.

After knowing the history and ownership, now I will discuss some important topics.

Rust-Oleum Paint For Metal

Rust Oleum Paint For Metal

Rust-oleum metal paint is a great option for painting metal surfaces. It is known for being durable and of good quality. It makes it great for both small DIY projects and big industry jobs.

You can use it on various types of metal like steel, aluminium, or iron. One of the best things about Rust-Oleum paint is its easy application. Many of their paints come in spray cans, so you don’t need special tools. Plus, they dry quickly so that you can finish your project faster.

Rust-Oleum also has many different colours and styles, from shiny to matte. Rust-Oleum has the right paint for you, whether you want to protect a metal roof or give some outdoor furniture a new look.

In a word, rust-oleum paint for metal is a good choice for making metal surfaces look good and last longer. It’s simple to use and comes in various options, making it a top pick for many DIYers and professionals.

Is Rust-oleum Paint Permanent?

Is Rustoleum Paint Permanent

Yes, Rust-oleum paint lasts a very long time. In many cases, it gives a finish that lasts a long time. It can look like it will last forever if used correctly and on suitable materials. This paint does an excellent job of not chipping, fading, or peeling. Still, it doesn’t last forever, just like most paints. Over time, weather, exposure to UV rays, and normal wear and tear can cause it to break down.

Even though it protects well and lasts a long time, it might need a new coat at some point to keep working. So, rust-oleum paint is very durable, but it isn’t permanent.

Rust-oleum Oil Based Or Water Based ?

Rust-Oleum offers two types of paint: like as: oil-based and water-based.

Now you know the simple details of  both.


This type of paint is more challenging and lasts longer. It’s great for outdoor projects because it can handle harsh weather. Cleanup requires mineral spirits or paint thinner and a more pungent smell.


This paint is easier to clean with just soap and water. It dries faster and doesn’t have a strong smell. It’s a good choice for indoor projects or when you need a quick-drying option.

Your choice will depend on your project, like whether you use it inside or outside and how quickly you need it to dry.

FAQs Of Rustoleum Paint

Can You Spray Rust-Oleum Over Krylon?

Yes, you can spray Rust-Oleum over Krylon, but it’s essential to follow these simple steps for success:

  • Ensure the Krylon paint is completely dry (wait at least 48 hours).
  • Clean the surface well.
  • Lightly sand the Krylon paint.

Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Toxic?

Rust-Oleum spray paint can be toxic if not used correctly. It contains chemicals that can harm your health when inhaled.

Is Rustoleum 2x Oil Based

Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover spray paint is an oil-based paint. It works well on various surfaces, but be mindful of fumes and follow the instructions for safe use.

Now come to the final recommendations


In conclusion, rust oleum has a long history of finding a unique rust-preventive layer by chance. Today, RPM International Inc. owns it and keeps it going strong. It has many high-quality paints and finishes, including some shiny ones. Rust-Oleum has ways to help you paint, no matter what you need. Enjoy the beauty it can add to projects that will last for a long time.

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